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VoIP Calling

The Latest In Next Generation VOIP Services

Cape-Connect provides top quality alternative voice, fax and video communications to any individual or institution that has a wired broadband, dial up, leased line or Wireless Internet access medium, in line with our customer's needs and requirements.

You do not need a Cape-Connect broadband connection to use our VOIP services. Any reliable connection to the Internet will grant you entry to the world of Voice Over IP.

Institutions can save a fortune on PABX infrastructure costs, as our solutions don't require you to rip out existing analogue PABX infrastructure.

Pay Monthly

Our pay monthly service is provided by Switch Telecom, who operate an advanced VoIP and switched telecommunications network to reduce your home or company telephone call costs and add value.

Value Added Services


Teleconferencing is an essential business tool, yet traditional teleconferencing systems are excessively costly, unintuitive to use, and lacking in productivity features.

Switch to a new generation of frustration-free teleconferencing that saves you time and money!

Hosted Switchboard

We also offer a remotely hosted IP switchboard service for small businesses and teleworkers.

Unlike a traditional switchboard, however, your extensions need not be in the same office or even the same city! Calls between extensions are free, even if the extensions are in different cities or countries, and your incoming phone numbers can be easily reprogrammed to route to different extensions, enabling other staff to answer calls when the primary receptionist is unavailable. Voice mail is available for each extension and an automated attendant can be set up to answer calls or route calls to a person's mobile phone if nobody answers their office phone. Best of all, this service is much cheaper than the cost of purchasing or renting a traditional switchboard, despite offering functionality only found on the most advanced traditional switchboards. This service is entirely customisable and compatible with both Switch Telecom and Telkom phone lines (the latter in conjunction with a gateway device). We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular requirements with you.

International Phone Numbers

We are able to provide our clients with telephone numbers reflecting the area codes of hundreds of cities in 60 countries worldwide. This gives the impression of a local presence in foreign cities and makes it easier for foreign companies to do business with you or for family abroad to call you cheaply. The cost is typically around R100 per month per telephone number, depending on the cities required.